To Exercise

Mommy and G'tums Walking

I came across this statement that has been convicting me that I need to be outside quite a bit more: “The mother should ever retain her dignity. It is for her own interest, and that of her family, to save herself all unnecessary taxation, and to use every means at her command to preserve life, health, and the energies which God has given her; for she will need the vigor of all her faculties for her great work. A portion of her time should be spent out-of-doors, in physical exercise, that she may be invigorated to do her work in-doors with cheerfulness and thoroughness, being the light and blessing of the home.” Ellen White, The Health Reformer, ┬áJune 1, 1877

It seems that I never have enough time to get my work done, let alone exercise. But I sure do feel better once I’ve actually taken the time to get outside and get moving.

Here are a couple of pictures of my girls from one of our recent walks. I just think they’re a mighty pretty girls.

Zippy Walking Baby in Stroller

One thought on “To Exercise

  • February 29, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    Wish I lived near paved roads… mushy gravel roads don’t work well for walking… not many alternatives… :*(

    Your girls are sure growing up… Love the hair on the little one… mine still is bald, pretty much… LOL, that’s normal for mine…

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