A Ferry Ride

My kids and I all agree that it is fun to ride the ferries. We used to ride them sometimes when we travelled with my husband to one of his far-away clients, but we moved and now a bridge makes for a better route. So now, ferry rides are a not-very-common treat.

We recently got to take a ferry ride on one of the Puget Sound Ferries and enjoyed the birds, smell of the water and air and the views. Here are a few photos that my kids snapped on our ride. I wish I could share the smell of the ocean air and the call of the seagulls with you too. Those are too things that I just absolutely love.

First is Zippy soaking up sun through the window, with the baby behind her making fingerprints on the window.

Passenger, Zippy

The kids really enjoyed watching the birds trying to keep up with the ferry. They would go out on the deck and cheer them on if they began to lag behind.

Seaguls flying along beside the ferry

And I just thought this view was interesting. It’s the combination of the beauty of God’s Creation mixed with the mess of man’s labors. The cranes are for unloading ships that have arrived, no doubt, from China. Not that I don’t appreciate that we can import, it’s just not near as beautiful.

A view of Mt. Rainier from the Ferry

We are already planning our next trip that will require a ferry, just because we want to ride the ferry.

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