Mexico Pictures

We recently spent several days in Mexico. We have so, so many pictures. I don’t know how to choose which ones to post, but here are a few that I sure like.


1. Little Blue Heron, 2. Mama and Baby, 3. Sunset silhouette, 4. Captured Orange Fronted Parakeet, 5. Orange Fronted Parakeet Captured, 6. Orange Fronted Parakeet in Captivity, 7. Orchid, 8. Kids playing at the beach, 9. Leaf Cutter Ants, 10. Rosette Spoonbill, 11. Orchid, 12. Jacana, 13. Wood Stork, 14. Vermillion Flycatcher, 15. Tri Colored Heron, 16. Papa and Baby, 17. Little Blue Heron and Minnow, 18. Building Sand Castles

2 thoughts on “Mexico Pictures

  • March 3, 2011 at 5:54 am

    So glad you had your camera… to share a bit of your vacation with us!

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