Native American Crafts

We spent a long time studying about Native Americans. JD Boy wanted to learn about all of the Indians. Whew! That would take a life time, but we briefly covered all of the tribes that we could find at our library.

In this post, I’m just going to share pictures of the crafts that the kids made for this unit. They had lots of fun with these crafts. Crafts and hands-on-activities really do help to make learning more fun, even though sometimes you wonder what to do with them afterwards. (That’s why I’m posting these pictures on my blog, so that I can get rid of some of them!!)

They each made a clay pot. Aren’t they pretty?

Clay Pot by Zippy (age 10)

Clay Pot by Zippy (age 10)

Indian Clay Pot by Gtums (age 4)

Indian Clay Pot by JD Boy (age 7)

Indian Clay Pot by JD Boy (age 7)

They each made a Talking Stick that we got out of the Early American History Kit from Hands and Hearts.

Talking Stick

They also worked together to build these Indian villages that they cut out of books by Dover Publications.

Pacific Northwest Indian Lodge

Pueblo House

Indian Village

Our two favorite books that we read about Indians were Spotted Boy and the Comanches and Swift Arrow. They were books that I had kept around from my childhood. These boys of mine have lived those stories over and over. They built forts and Indian villages in the brush behind our house and constructed, I don’t know how many, bow and arrow sets out of sticks. They definitely either wish that they could be Indians or could be kidnapped by Indians so they could escape. Either way, they would be thrilled with the adventure. Well, at least as long as it was pretend.

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  • February 3, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Rhonda, this is great stuff! You are such a great homeschooling mother! :)

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