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My third grader and I are doing the Early American History Study by Beautiful Feet. We just finished our first unit in the guide—Leif Erikson. We read the book, Leif the Lucky through two or three times, just because we enjoyed it so much. It’s not only well written, but has great illustrations, and that makes a book a win-win for an early elementary student. We also had lots of fun researching online about Vikings and Native Americans that Leif may have met.

Leif the Lucky

And, of course, Ace thought that being Leif Erikson was one of the best parts of the unit.

Ace The Viking

Ace made a lapbook to show some of the things that he learned about Leif Erikson. Here are a few pictures.

Leif Erickson Lapbook Cover Leif Erickson Lapbook Spread Leif Erickson Lapbook Spread 2
Vinland Natives Leif Erickson Map Viking Ship AnatomyViking Gold Coins Erik & Leif Erickson Bio Erik & Leif Erickson BioErik & Leif Erickson Bio

List of sources for the lapbook (Some are affiliate links):

Cover picture from Exploration of North America Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)
Map from Interactive 3-D Maps: American History by Donald Silver
“Who Were the Vikings” and “Vikings Were Also Called”  both from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Blog Vikings Lapbook
Northern Lights from Google Images
“Native Americans in Vinland” from Google Images
“Father & Son Explorers” from History Through the Ages Timeline Figures
Viking Ship from Homeschool Share Viking Multi-Theme Unit
Coin idea from Homeschool in the Woods’ Great Empires Activity Pak
Viking mask from Funnycoloring.com
Paper Ship Model from forbicolla.com (not in English)

So far so good, as far as the Beautiful Feet Guide. What a nice pick of books they have made for this age group. Next comes Columbus, but first we are working on finishing up a science project.

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