Point Defiance Zoo

For G’tums birthday, (which was more than a little while ago,) he wanted to go to the zoo. So we took a day and visited the Point Defiance Zoo.

We have two zoos that are within an hour of us, and we usually like to visit the Woodland Park Zoo, but we decided that for a change we would visit the Point Defiance Zoo. Personally, I like the Woodland Park Zoo better. There are just a lot more and interesting animals to see at the Woodland Park Zoo. However, the Point Defiance Zoo has a few exhibits that Woodland Park doesn’t have. The Point Defiance Zoo has a fun aquarium to visit, with lots of tanks to peer into as well as touching tanks where the kids can touch sea stars and more. The Point Defiance Zoo also has the best wolf exhibit. While Woodland Park does have wolves, I have never once been able to see them there. They are always hiding. At Point Defiance, there are lots of wolves in the wolf exhibit, and you are just pretty much guaranteed to see some wolves. So there is my comparison of the two zoos, if you are in the Puget Sound area and trying to choose a zoo to visit.

Here are a few pictures from our day.

There were tiger cubs that were rollicking around when we there. And even though I wouldn’t want to meet them without a piece of glass between me and them, they sure were the cutest things ever.


Tiger Cubs Playing

Here is one of the many beautiful wolves that we saw. That was definitely my favorite part of the zoo. (And I’m a little proud of this picture, because even though the copyright has my husband’s name on it, I took it. He’s the real photographer around here, but whenever I get a winner, I’m proud of it!!)


As my dad always says, “The best part of going to the zoo is watching the people.” So here are some people pictures.

My beautiful daughter and me.

Mom and Daughter at the Zoo

A rather fussy little girl getting a free ride on the shoulders of her handsome daddy.

Dad & a fussy girl

My very own monkeys climbing on the playground equipment in the zoo.

Practicing his monkey skills at the Point Defiance Zoo

PointDefiance (7)

On top of the jungle gym - Point Defiance Zoo

What a fun day! And definitely it was a happy birthday for the birthday boy of the day.

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