Seattle Aquarium

It was a beautiful day in Seattle. There is nothing like a beautiful day in Seattle. And they are oh, so precious.


This was the same day that we visited Pike Place Market. When we were finished at the market, we made our way down to the Seattle Aquarium. This is the view from the pier outside the aquarium.

Seattle Ferris Wheel

One of our favorite things about the aquarium is the touching pools.

Baby Touching Sea Anemone

The Seattle Aquarium is a really great attraction for the Puget Sound area, because it’s mostly indoors. So all during the rainy season, or whatever you call it around here, you can visit and stay dry. Just so you know what an important issue it is, the Woodland Park Zoo offers free parking October through March and charges for parking the rest of the year. I usually go when I have to pay for parking, and can’t find parking either. But the aquarium is a great place to get a membership, because it’s fun to go there no matter what the weather is like.

Cousins at the Aquarium

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