Redwood National Park

Another Junior Ranger Badge for the kids’ collections.

We made a flying trip to Redwoods National and State Park with the cousins to see another national park and earn another junior ranger badge. We got a bunch of pictures so rather than write a bunch, I’ll let you wait for these pictures to all get loaded into your browser. Sorry (only kind of) that there’s so many. Hope you enjoy them at least half as much as I do.

A walk at through the Redwoods

JD Boy at Redwoods National Park

Strong Young Man

It's a long ways down there

G'tums Posing in a tree



Nana & Baby Taken a Walk Caption: Nana & Baby taking a stroll

Baby in a Tree

Lush Forest Caption: Some lush forest

JD Boy at Redwoods National Park

Don't Take My Picture

Cousins in a tree


Cousins and BFF's

Root Ball--RedwoodsCaption: One big rootball

Cousins Around a Tree

Tall Trees--Redwoods

And I would remiss to not show a picture of them getting their Junior Ranger Badge.

Junior Rangers at Redwood National Park

And a picture in front of the park sign.

Cousins in front of Redwood National Park Sign

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