Mt. Rainier

This should have been posted awhile ago, but we all need to be reminded at this time of year, what the wildflowers looked like this summer, right?
These are from a trip that we took to Mt. Rainier in August.

G'tums at Mt. Rainier
A rose among wildflowers!

I love the great outdoors!“I love the great outdoors!”

The CrewThe Crew

Trail through Paradise to Mt. RainierThe trail

Mt. Rainier is getting shorterThe Mountain — well, a little bit of it, anyway

Wildflowers at Paradise at Rainier National Park
The wildflowers

Western Anemone at Mt. Rainier
Western Anemone

Magenta Paintbrush
Magenta Paintbrush

Alpine Aster
Alpine Aster

Wildflowers - Lupine, Broadleaf Arnica
Lupine and Broadleaf Arnica

Rosey Spirea
Rosey Spirea

Baby looking to see what's over there
“What do I see?”


Nice Lighting
I don’t know what this is, but I just thought the lighting was neat.

Talk about a eye-candy. We definitely got it that day. The colors were in every hue, kind of like the inside of a gum-ball machine, oh wait, it was way better than that.

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  • November 20, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    What gorgeous flowers and children! The wildflowers have me so impressed. Nice shots of beautiful things!

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