A Snow Day

So we are slated to get more snow than we have since I’ve lived in this area. Some years we get snow some years don’t. That said, I thought snow days were in order. Don’t you?

The kids have been sledding until the wore the snow off their hill. That will be okay because more snow is in the forecast.

The sledding hill

And they made snowballs and snowmen and had snowball fights.

Making Snowballs

And they let the baby have a try at all the fun snow adventures too.

Baby tries playing in the snow

And because I’m a real homeschool mom, we started a unit study on snow. We are reading the book The Gospel According to a Snowflake. It’s really a superb book. Hopefully we’ll report back when we’ve learned a lot from the book.

The Gospel According to a Snowflake cover

One thought on “A Snow Day

  • January 17, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Thanks Rhonda, I will look for that book! I’m always looking for good reads. What age group is this for?

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