Seattle Aquarium on Sunday

Well, I did two posts of things we did a few weeks ago. I still have a list of things to show that the kids have done, but I decided that today I’m going to put up something recent–our visit to the Seattle Aquarium on Sunday.

I was a little concerned when we arrived at the Aquarium because they were hosting trick-or-treating there, but it wasn’t extra ordinarily crowded. We also spent quite a bit of time fighting with the credit card machine where we paid our parking. It must have been cold, because it was going very slow.

G’tums hadn’t been to the Aquarium since he was a baby so I was especially looking forward to seeing how he would enjoy it. He’s the age when zoos and aquariums are the most fun. And I wasn’t a bit disappointed. He loved it.

He looks concerned that he got his fingers wet, but within a minute his whole sleeve was wet.

They loved touching all the things in the touching pools, there were all kinds of things from gooey sea cucumbers to prickly urchins.

The neatest thing we saw was the octopus. Right now they have a huge one in there. I heard somebody say that it had gone from 15 pounds to over 50 in a year and a half. It was a visitor talking, not an employee or volunteer, so I don’t know. All in all, we definitely got the best views of an octopus that we ever have before there.

Then there was a section about whales and the kids got to ride a whale. Here’s the proof:

Are you impressed? I was!

Okay, last but not least is my favorite photo that I took. It was of a clownfish. You probably figured that we should see some fish there right? Well we did, but it’s so hard to take pictures through the glass. But this one I even managed to take through the glass. My husband let me use his camera while we were at the Aquarium, because the battery on mine was dead. His has so many features that I don’t always get things set right, but I’m right proud of this shot!

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  • October 31, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Hi, I'm new to this whole blogging and homeschooling experience and I am already encouraged just by looking at your blog and your family. I too have a son, Jonathan(4 almost 5 in Dec.) and daughter Abigail (2). I look forward to seeing more of your pictures. They are great!

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